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Walking through January

I am not doing a New Year's Resolution. I've developed some good practice and work habits in 2020 and I plan to keep them.

January is normally a tough month for me. It's dark, a lot. I get tired easier.

I do have a January resolution - to get out in the fresh air for 30 minutes a day. A walk a day keeps the doctor away!

Day 1 - Sunrise 9:18 am / Sunset 3:24 pm

Walking 1:25 - 2:30 pm

Today a walk in three parts.

Part 1

A phone call with a dear friend, filled with the warmth of connecting with another soul.

Part 2

I gave myself a New Year's Day gift: December by George Winston. If there was a play list in my teenage years, December was at the top. I recorded it onto a mixed tape, putting the second half of the LP first. Hearing those familiar pieces again took be back thirty years: As a teenager, I put my mixed tape in my walkman and cross-country skied through the winter woods. I also recall listening to it in my bedroom, sitting in my desk chair wrapped in a blanket, staring out at the wondrous winter landscape of our pine forest decked out in deep snow. My mind found peace in the music and scene.

Part 3


Crunch of snow under my feet, click of the walking stick hitting rock -- the rush of the overflowing stream laden with water from the month of December rain.

Part 4

Home in peace.


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