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As of August 2021, I'm starting a full-time content writing job near my home in Oslo.  I will continue to do workshops for small groups and harp circles, starting in 2022 on Saturdays and Sundays.

My workshops focus on telling oral folk tales - with and without harp.

These workshops are safe, fun environments where we can meeting, learn how to tell tales and work together to improve our storytelling techniques.

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to be put on a list for a workshop.

Re Harrisson

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Tales & Tunes Workshops

Learn Folk Tales and Tunes from Scotland and Norway

Nature tales with harp

Focus on Nature folk tales and tunes to learn how to tell stories and use your harp.

Story development

Monthly meetings to develop the stories you're working on.

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Spoken word storytelling

Learn how to tell folk tales and make stories your own.


Tales & Tunes Workshops

These workshop focus on the tunes and folk tales from specific regions.  Each workshop provides participants with a variety of tunes and stories to choose from. 

The upcoming workshop focuses on the Nordics.


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Nature Tales with Harp

Working with a book of stories, The Natural Storyteller, we will develop our storytelling ability.

With each story we will learn sounds to support the story and folk tunes that fit the tales.

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Image by Linus Sandvide

Storytelling Workshops

For those of you what just want to learn how to tell a folktale and develop your storytelling skills.

More will be added for the Autumn of 2021

Story Development Workshops

A chance for storyteller to develop their stories in a positive atmosphere.

Image by Jonas Kaiser

What participants say.

V. Van Der Meijs

Doctor & Parent, Prauge

We had lots of laughs and learned how to give storytelling structure in a fun way.  


Jonas immediately went to his little brother and told him the story.

I. Stolte

Pensionist, Denmark

Very enjoyable, learned how to memorize a folktale and how to approach the actual process of turning it into a good story

A. Westphal

Harp Therapist, Norway

It was great fun to learn an old Norwegian story that I hadn't heard before.  I learned some good tools to use stories in the future!

  • I offer online customized workshops and game nights to harp circles

    Started Apr 17, 2021