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2019 Concerts

Image by Brandi Redd

Event Portfolio


Røed Gård, Jeløy, Moss

Summer Concert 

Almost Irish Quartet: Aiden Burke, David Harrisson, Harald Haugard & Rebecca Harrisson

The fierce foursome performed their annual summer concert in Moss, Norway.


Annual Jul (Christmas) Concert

2019 was the tenth annual Christmas Concert for the Almost Irish Quartet. We had two wonderful performances to a wonderful audience in Moss and another in Oslo.  As always, I shared a story.

Ragne - Skjesmøkorset

Viking Play at Huseby Gård 

My first time playing in a musical, all the better that I could dress in period clothes and work with talented musicians and actors!

Private performances

David Harrisson and I also performed at a variety of birthday parties and weddings throughout the year.

2019 Story Concerts

Dark Tales

A story concert with David Harrisson.

Close to October's All Hallow's Eve we gathered at the Hellviktangen Kunst Kafe for an evening of ghostly tales and music. 

Nordic Harp Meeting - Gjøvik

Story performance  & Workshop

- Performed a Nordic Tale at the evening concert, with harp music and lead a workshop teaching participants how to put together and remember a story.

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