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Harrisson Duo

Image by Azad Azahari

Harrisson Duo


David & Rebecca Harrisson have been playing music together since 2012.  What started as a chance meeting in the Dubliner Folk Pub in Oslo, Norway turned into a friendship, musical collboration and partnership.


Rebecca and David have performed in concerts throughout Norway, England and the United States. 

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David Harrisson

Has 55 years experience playing nylon stringed guitar and singing folk music.  He has studied classical guitar & Flamenco guitar both for 15 years.


He has been active in the folk music scene in Oslo, Norway, since 1974.

He is a regular at local folk jam sessions in the Oslo area and often plays with Rebecca Harrisson and Harald Hougård.

Left:  The Almost Irish Quartet

Aiden Burke, Harald Hougård, Rebecca Harrisson and David Harrisson

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