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Walking through January - Day 12

Sunrise 9:07 am / Sunset 3:44 pm Walking 2:40 - 3:32 pm

I admit to walking with a goal in mind: to pick up a few groceries. When I saw the parking lot packed full of cars, I shied away. Too many people for comfort. Instead I went from road to woods and enjoyed the sunset and fine music.

My sound track to walking, Harp in a Landscape, by Runi Wold-Kristiansen. It's a wonderful album.

I especially love Afternoon Voices, which makes me feel like I'm listening to the memory of a summer's day long past. The music fills me with a twist of sorrow, I am hearing a song of what can never be again, yet I feel the joy of what once was.

Surprising I also enjoy the title track, In a Landscape. Normally I am not fond of repetitive modern music, but this gives me a feeling of peace and I find myself breathing to the music's phrasing. The notes pour by like scenery slipping by a train window, or the slow perspective changes of walking on a winter's day.


The album has many other good pieces - I only highlighted my two favorites. You can find it here:



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