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Natural Tales with Harp

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Natural Tales with Harp
Develop & accompany stories with harp

After this workshop participants will be able to

  • Remember a story without reading it

  • Breakdown a story to its ’story bones’ and remake it as their story

  • Use the fundamentals of improvisation to accompany a story with harp

  • Use their harp to make sounds

Number of meetings

  • 14 hours total (7 meetings)

  • 12 hours developing and learning stories (6 meetings)

  • 2 hours meeting for practice and development (One meeting)

  • In addition:  Harp Story Circle Meeting where performers can invite family and friends (the last scheduled meeting)

About the stories

  • These stories are usually short

  • Each participant will learn between 2 to 8 stories

Practice time

  • You will probably need about 15 - 30 minutes a day to practice daily

  • Some people need more, others less.

Other information

  • While we start with a written text, we work on the stories orally

  • If the workshop is full, please email me! I will hold a second workshop if there are enough people interested.

Number of participants

  • Maximum 8 people in this workshop, minimum 3


  • This workshop is ideal for anyone who hasn’t told stories before, although experienced storytellers should also enjoy the workshop.

  • We will move at a comfortable pace, giving you time to develop and enjoy yourself without pressure.


  • You need a harp which can tune into C - G - D, more than 20 stings is best

  • Our focus is on using the harp in stories, so technique is not a subject addressed in the workshop.


  • "The Natural Storyteller, Wildlife Tales for Telling” is a book of 48 tales with exercises to spark imagination. While the book is written for children, the stories are timeless, for people of all ages. Harp & Story Handbook, provided with the course.

  • Course fee does not include the "The Natural Storyteller, Wildlife Tales for Telling”, the book is required when attending this online course, it costs around 25 USD or 45 AUD.

Note: Fee can be paid in installments.  If you want to take the course but find it is out of your budget, send me an email.

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