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Learn to tell a folk tale


Oslo: 6:30 pm

London: 5:30 pm

EST: 10:30 am

PST: 8:30 am

During the Covid-19 epademic, I have started to offer online oral storytelling courses for small groups of up to four people.  In a session of 60 minutes, you hear and learn how to tell a folk tale. Each month I move on to a different tale and different storytelling techniques. 


  • Interact with others

  • Have fun

  • Learn tricks to remember a story

  • Tell a Nordic Tale in a group

  • Get direct feedback from a professional Storyteller


What you’ll need

  • A good online connection

  • Zoom on your computer

  • Paper and a pencil

  • Readiness for an adventure

Drop me a link in Contacts, if you'd like to join an upcoming session.

Story Circle

Saturday, 30 May - afternoon, evening or morning depending on your timezone. 

Musicians have 'sessions' and storytellers have 'circles'. Once a month I'm leading a virtual story circle where storytellers can gather on Zoom and tell stories.  If we have more than eight people we will move into breakout rooms.

If you are interested, drop me a message.  Please include: Name, time zone where you live and your experience in storytelling.  I'll send you the time and zoom link.

Children's Stories

To be announced

I'm putting together a Children's story hour.  Hopefully by the end of May I'll have dates and times arranged.

What participants have to say.

V. Van Der Meijs

Doctor & Parent, Prauge

We had lots of laughs and learned how to give storytelling structure in a fun way.  


Jonas immediately went to his little brother and told him the story.

I. Stolte

Pensionist, Denmark

Very enjoyable, learned how to memorize a folktale and how to approach the actual process of turning it into a good story

A. Westphal

Harp Therapist, Norway

It was great fun to learn an old Norwegian story that I hadn't heard before.  I learned some good tools to use stories in the future!

Unfortunately, I only offer face to face lessons. This means no lessons, currently. Please contact me if you'd like future lessons in the Oslo area. 

Currently I have no harps available for rental.

Harp Lessons

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