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Walking through January - Day 3

Day 3 - Sunrise 9:17 am / Sunset 3:27 pm, Walking 2:17 - 3:11 pm

Sunshine! The first of 2021, we awoke to a dark clear sky, fading into sunrise. My plans for being outside all day were impeded by being too far behind with some writing projects. Thankfully, David came into the office and reminded me of reality and lunch at 1 o'clock.

Today's walk: Down to the fjord, accompanied by David. The waters of Oslo fjord had retreated to reveal the stream rushing into the little bay. People were making the most of the day, families out grilling over small driftwood fires -- groups of adults, couples perched on rocks, keeping company with distance.

I did a little work clearing around the bird feeders upon our return and now am back to the writing. I'm looking forward to 14 January when all the deadlines are done.

A photo to leave with you: A winter swan.


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