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Marble Surface

Modes Challenge

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Ready to experiment?

Please also submit a video or recording of you playing the piece.  It doesn’t need to be note perfect!  Just to give us an idea of how you would interpret your own music.


We want to encourage everyday harpists, so everyone who has never published a book of music is welcome to enter. 


We will pick three arrangements we find best make use of the modes.  The composes and arrangers will have their arrangement and bio it published in Folk Harp Journal and will receive one month of Harp Scotland, gratis. 


To enter submit

  • Written music as pdf file.  It can be hand written but must be clear.

  • A sound file/video of you playing or a link to you playing (i.e. from YouTube/Facebook etc.)  You will need to keep the size small so it can be emailed

Submit to or ask questions: Re Harrisson


Dates: Entries welcome from Now To 15 June, 2022.

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